Inmeldingsskjema International meeting


Velkommen til klubben for eiere av den brilliante motorsykkel Yamaha Venture. Vi er en gjeng spredt over det ganske land, og elsker disse fantastiske syklene.

2019 - 24th International Venture Meeting - Spain


Innmelding skjer på skjemaet til høyre, mens innbetalingen skal skje på venture club Norway sin Konto: 4200 02 75985.

Under melding oppgir du medlemsnr og int.treff 2019

innbetalingsfrist: 27 Mai, (Bindende påmelding)

VCN betaler inn for alle når fristen går ut 31.05.2019

Pris pr pers 140 EUR, inkl campingplass (Link til valutakalkulator)

Hotell  kommer i tillegg. Ta kontakt selv om du ønsker rom

For mere info: PRESS HERE

what we offer for the International Venture Meeting is a meeting held in Granada, at
a four stars hotel, with two swimming pools, breakfast buffet, air conditioner in rooms, and all
meals included from Friday night to Sunday breakfast. And when we say meals included, we are
not talking about a sausage and a beer in the middle of nowhere. We are talking about having
lunch at a restaurant, with as much food as you can eat seated in a good quality restaurant. Also
we will have a private parking for all the bikes in the hotel and a Saturday night party with music.
We were able to book all this at the price of 120 € per person (same as budget) last year
in July when we sent the letter to all the clubs. We accepted the offer although we never got an
answer about potential participation from any country and therefore we were not able to make
a bank deposit for the hotel. They promised us the rooms anyaway, but without a deposit, they
were very clear about keeping prices. This year, the hotel has different rates and the price has
rised to 140 € per person with everything described above. It’s the only thing we can offer
although it is 20 € above budget. Sorry guys, but this is the only option we can offer right now.
Give it a good think and let us know. Please think about how comfortable an air
conditioned room could be in Summer in Spain. For the camping lovers, think that you will need
several days to get to Granada and get back home, so maybe you can use camping
accommodations along your trips and then take a rest and stay in Granada in the hotel like if
you were enjoying your summer holidays.
Please find attached the hotel information, dates, prices and members reservations.
If you guys have any question or we didn’t provide the expected information, please let
us know and we will try to help as much as we can.
Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to seeing you soon in our
beautiful and sunny country in Granada. We can also provide touristic information about
Granada and the surrounding areas, as well as any other part of the country so you can visit
interesting places along your trip. Please feel free to ask us anything you might need from Spain.
Best regards to all from Spain,

Campground-Not available
Hotell (incl)
Outside of the hotel/area

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